Our Services

By adopting the technique of MRF & having got support of Ramelex Pvt. Ltd. for doing process of stub strengthening of towers legs for re-strengthening of tower, SITA POLYCOATS studied and worked for more than 6 months to develop system in consultation with various authorities of M.S.E.B. We have done lot of investment in machinery, tools and equipment for developing this system.

Finally we developed full fledge system for tower stub strengthening which increases the life of towers almost same as new towers. The name of above system is stub strengthening of towers by MRF specialty coating system.

Automotive Industry

Automotive parts made up of SMC, Plastic, M.S., Aluminium, FRP and ABS such as spoilers, sill cover, hood, bumpers, Wheel rims and side mirror etc.

Power Industry

All Fabricated GI structures and Cast iron fittings for street lightning such as poles, brackets and flag mast. Etc.

Engineering Industry

All engineering parts made up of aluminium casting, metals, Solar equipments, panel parts etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry

All pharmaceuticals machinery made up of M.S. aluminium, FRP, metal parts such as, MRI, CT scan machineries parts and other medical equipment etc.

Structural Industry

All structural material made up of Aluminium, Metal such as tower member, industrial shade structure etc.

Domestic Industry

All domestic appliances parts made up of plastic, FRP, ABS, glass, M.S. wood such as washing machines, refrigerators, TV/PC cabinet, LCD base, kitchen trolley parts and all types of furniture etc.

Electronics Appliances

Control Panel, Switch boxes, speaker enclosure, base plates for film and slide projectors, drill housings, timer assembly, light bulb sockets, adaptor, flashlight housing, Lamp brackets & sockets, CFL holders, capacitor cases, connectors relay components, coil formers, Jack Connectors, Deflection Yokes, LED reflection frame, and Battery Cases etc

Defence Industry

All Defence equipments made up of casting, M.S. aluminum, metal, Plastic etc.