About Us

We take this opportunity to introduce “Sita Polycoats” as a one of the best MRF Surface Coating Franchisee in India – a company having Rs 8 crores turnover.. We established on 15 August 1994, and since then, we have proved ourselves as specialist, in the field of surface coatings application, anticorrosive Epoxy coating & 100% Polyurethane coatings on various substrates like metals, plastics, wood & glass etc. MRF has a very advanced technology in coatings; It gives different look & Add value to your products.

We have a good set up situated out side Pune & PCMC octroi limits. We have our facility located in 8000+ sq ft of area, furnished with 2 nos of Dust free Paint Booths, Ovens, with world class spraying equipments. We also have a in-house paint testing laboratory. This is being managed by professional & experienced technologists as well as skilled painters and manpower.

Besides being known for their tyres, MRF also has an upper hand in surface coatings technology, collaborating with Vapocure Ltd. Australia and Bayer A. G. Germany for the vapocure plant system & 100% PU Technology respectively it is one of the leading surface Coatings Company in India. We are proud to be associated with such a powerful & innovative company on dated 11 April 1995 and to be a part of the team to introduce a new era in the Indian surface coatings field through “Vapocure” an advanced technology than most other available coatings / painting technology like high temperature curing oven baked spray painting, powder coatings technology etc. Vapocure is being considered a boon in the surface coatings revolution. Standing by the punch line of our parent company “we can coat any surface” we indeed coat the rainbow of your dreams. Having a wide range of colors, we at Sita Polycoats have the ability to turn your imaginations into colorful reality.

Our dedicated working group has been ensuring quality works to obtain maximum customer satisfaction through their untiring efforts since its inception. We at Sita Polycoats adopt latest technology emerging in the field of surface coatings for the best results. Sita Polycoats management wing focuses on understanding; developing and implementing modern technologies along with the established business flow. We are geared up to serve the emerging Industry and their needs of surface coatings. We are constantly upgrading our manpower skills & our facilities to cope up with the recent trends in the field of Surface Coatings.

We strive to provide quality results with zero defects and provide our highest quality services giving special emphasis on customer needs and requirements. It is just due to this reason that we already have a customer base in industrial segments like Medical Equipments, Defense, electronics, Machine Tools, Architecture, Interior Decoration, Wood and Metal furniture as well as automotive & Auto components.

'We strive to build customer relationship that lasts for generations.'